Best Buddy Biscuits – Wholesale Program

Please give us a call or write to us regarding our wholesale program, pricing and products.  If you would like to receive a sample product pack from us, please send us the name of your business, buyer’s name and mailing address – we would also like to know a little about your business, and we will be happy to send it right out to you –  call us at 888-932-6831 or Linda@Bestbuddybiscuits.com.

All of our products come shelf ready with a safety seal, ingredient label and UPC code.

Available wholesale products:

-Beef Stew – 5 oz
-Chicken Pot Pie 5oz
-Fresh’n Frisky Breath Mint – 5 oz
-Nutty Buddy Peanut Butter – 5 oz
-Hickory Houndz – 5 oz
-Cheezy Squares – 5 oz
-Sweet Potato Pie – 5 oz
-Gluten-free – 5 oz