Connecticut Kenilworth Club’s Responsible Dog Owner’s Day


On Sunday, September 16th, the Connecticut Kenilworth Club will host its annual “Responsible Dog Owner’s Day” on the Guilford Green from 10:00am to 4:00pm.  Come and meet the breeds: members of the Kenilworth Club bring a wide variety of breeds to this event.  Along with Best Buddy Biscuits, a groomer will be on the premises as well as a microchip insertion station and Janet with her beautiful dog coats.  There will also be tons of fun activities for the dogs so make sure you bring your pup along for a beautiful day in Guilford.


Image courtesy of Connecticut Kenilworth Club Responsible Dog Owner Day in 2009

Recap: Kenilworth Club Event

It was a beautiful day at the Guilford Fairgrounds on May 29th, 2011, where a large crowd turned out to show and test their dogs in a Kenilworth Club event.  Best Buddy Biscuits was proud to be there for the third consecutive year selling pet treats and assisting with the trials.   A large variety of unique breeds were represented along with many favorites,  like Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds.

This year, Linda had an opportunity to be a stewart and assist the professional crew in the testing of these amazing dogs.  She truly enjoyed her experience and was able to see what it’s like on the ‘other side’ at the Kenilworth events.  The dogs were so fine-tuned to the signals from their masters and worked so hard to earn praise.  She felt like they emanated a sense of pride and accomplishment as they receive their blue ribbons and masters’ congratulations.

Many thanks for Dagmar Moore and Barbara Keck for inviting us and making us feel like a part of this incredible team!  We’re looking forward to next year!

Some photos from the event:

All photos property of Best Buddy Biscuits

Responsible Pet Owner’s Day

Our special thanks to Dagmar Moore of the Kennel Club of Connecticut for inviting us to participate in Responsible Pet Owner’s Day. It was a great day for Best Buddy. Lots of people showed up to stroll around the beautiful Guilford, Ct green to visit with Kennel Club members who were generous to bring their beautiful show dogs to the event. There were a nice variety of breeds from Westies to Pharoah Hounds. Thanks again – we’ll look forward to next years event.