Best Buddy Biscuits back at City Seed Market

The Wooster Square City Seed Farmers Market is now open – May 1st was opening day and the crowds came out to greet us! We had a terrific day and it was so great to see all of our loyal customers, both human and critter at the market. It is Best Buddy’s 3rd season at the market and we’re so happy to be there! Come on down for a visit and sample treat for your pet.

Dachshound Halloween Party – October 18th

I just know in my heart that this is an event that should not be missed! This annual event is sponsored by Ann, who is in charge of the Dachsound Rescue. She sponsors this annual event and gets a phenominal parade of approximately 250, hot dog dogs in costume. Imagine, 250 of these little fellows in a costume parade! Not to be missed! It will take place at the Guilford Green on Sunday, October 18th – Best Buddy Biscuits was invited to participate by setting up a our booth at this event. We will be supply the event with a beautiful gift basket of our products – hopefully Wayne and I will have the honor of presenting it to the most unique hot dog dog costume. I can hardly wait. Thanks Ann – Hope to see you all at the event!

Made in Connecticut Fair

Come visit the Best Buddy Biscuit booth at the 3rd Annual Made in Connecticut Fair – October 4th in beautiful Oxford, CT This fair is set on the grounds of the Old Tavern Inn. 24 Hawley Road, off route 67 in Oxford. This fair a huge variety of all things made in Connecticut – lots of small business owners displaying and selling their food stuffs, beautiful crafts and jewelry, food stands and of course, kettle corn. Our special thanks to Jane Mayer of Snooty Foods who has invited us to participate for the second year in a row. Come get some dog treats and jar of Jane’s delicious pickles!

Responsible Pet Owner’s Day

Our special thanks to Dagmar Moore of the Kennel Club of Connecticut for inviting us to participate in Responsible Pet Owner’s Day. It was a great day for Best Buddy. Lots of people showed up to stroll around the beautiful Guilford, Ct green to visit with Kennel Club members who were generous to bring their beautiful show dogs to the event. There were a nice variety of breeds from Westies to Pharoah Hounds. Thanks again – we’ll look forward to next years event.