Fishing & Hunting Show


February 14-16 - CT Convention Center

17th Annual Fishing & Hunting Show



Come visit us at the Best Buddy Biscuits booth at this years 17th Annual Northeast Fishing and Hunting Show, February 14th – 16th at the Connecticut Convention Center.  This is the largest fishing and hunting show in the northeast.  This is truly an impressive vendor list with everything from canoes to cabin cruisers, sporting goods of all sorts and of course, bringing home a treat or two for your loyal family pet or hunting dog is a must!  It promises to be a great weekend activity for the whole family!

Cat Decor

Wouldn’t your cat love to sit on a cat rug?



Images courtesy of Purrfidious via Etsy

Kitty Scans

I’m loving this tumblr called The Cat Scan, which features photos that people send in of their cats standing on scanners.  The pictures are taken from under the kitties so you can usually see all four paws and sometimes a cute, furry face looking down.  Our favorite image of a cat named Millie is above.  Would your cat or dog stay put on a computer scanner long enough to take a picture?


Image courtesy of The Cat Scan