Fundraising Program

Tired of the same old fundraising ideas?  It’s time to try something new! 

Our all-natural dog and cat treats are easy to sell and yield high profit margins.

 Did you know that 115.4 million homes in America own at least one pet?  Through all the economic ups and downs, the pet industry continues to grow and thrive.  In 2011 alone, American consumers spent over $60 billion caring for their animals.  Let’s face it, we love our pets and strive to feed them only the best.

 Best Buddy Biscuits is a privately owned, all-natural pet treat company based in Connecticut.  Established in 2008, we specialize in making healthy, tasty, good-looking treats.  Our products are made with whole grains, organic fruits and vegetables, eggs, broths, cheese, coconut, honey and nuts, just to name a few.


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  Highest Seller Incentive –Best Buddy Biscuits will donate a $50.00 Visa/Mastercard to your school/organization to present to the highest fundraising seller



Our fundraising items come in reusable, 4 x 5 inch (for dogs) and 2 x 3 in (for cat) aluminum and PVC clear plastic paint cans.  Straw matching your organizations colors will be under the treats.  Each can has an ingredient label on the back, and on top a message label customized with your organizations “thanks.”   Our dog treat containers have 8 oz of treats and our cat treats come in a 2oz size.  We offer three flavors of dog treats: Nutty Buddy Peanut Butter, Sweet Potato Pie and Cheezy Squares. We have two flavors of cat treats to choose from: Cheezy Bits and Crazy Cats Catnip treats.


The potential profit margin is $2.00-$6.00 per unit sold.  We provide the order sheets.  Delivery is scheduled for within 4-6 weeks of the end of the sale.  Save on expensive shipping with our low flat delivery fee on Connecticut orders.


Call or e-mail for additional information or to schedule your fundraising event today.


Phone (toll free):  (888) 932-6831